The Maternal and Child Health Nursing Department was established in 2000. The department focuses on teaching student maternal and child health nursing courses to fulfill the vision and mission of the faculty of nursing. Currently, the department encompasses 5 faculty members, 1 associate professor, 2 assistant professors and 2 full-time lecturers. In addition, there are 5 clinical instructor   hold  BSN degrees supervising students' clinical performance. There is 1 faculty member on doctoral scholarship who is expected to join the faculty within 5 years to enhance the effectiveness of pesiatric health nursing . This program focuses on the development of advanced nursing practice for health care issues faced by women throughout the life cycle, including the childbearing age which providing a unique opportunity to nursing students from traditional undergraduate through masters contemporary educational programs. department also provide a master in maternal helth nursing since 2014. deparetment also provie and supervise thr following courses to the college students: 

  1. Practical nursing health assessment
  2. Growth and development of the child
  3. Mother and newborn health Nursing
  4. Mother and newborn health Nursing clinical
  5. Pediatric Health Nursing
  6. Pediatric Health Nursing Clinical
  7.  Applied Nutrition
  8. Scientific research in nursing

head of the department

Dr. Arwa Al-Sarraireh