On behalf of our faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Adult Health Nursing Department at Faculty of Nursing at Mutah University. Adult Health Nursing Department is one of the most important academic departments and is among the three departments contributing to undergraduate and graduate nursing programs in consistent with Faculty of Nursing and Mutah University mission, vision and philosophy. The department is committed to provide the students with evidence-based knowledge and practice in nursing.  The Department provides theoretical and clinical courses at the undergraduate level focus on health and health deviations of adult population in Jordan, including contents on fundamentals of nursing skills, management of acute and chronic diseases, health assessment, critical care nursing, heath promotion, and management of nursing and health services. Currently, the department has 7 faculty members with a PhD degree, 4 full-time lecturers, with Master Degrees in Nursing, and 6 clinical instructors holding bachelor’s degrees in nursing. The department faculty have a variety of educational backgrounds and research interests including cardiopulmonary, diabetes management, pain management, health promotion, oncology, infection control, family and patient involvement in care, health behavior, palliative care, patient and nurse education, and quality of nursing care and health services. Our clinical training facilities at the faculty of nursing include 4 lab and 1 simulation lab. In addition the students practice in multiple acute and chronic health care facilities from different health care sectors (private, military, governmental and teaching medical centers) in Jordan. I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to adult heath nursing department. 

the department provide and supervise thr following courses to the faculty students:

  1. The fundamentals  of nursing
  2. The fundamentals  of - practical
  3. The fundamentals  of nursing- clinical
  4. Pathophysiology
  5. Adult Health Nursing (1)
  6. Adult Health Nursing (1) Clinical
  7. Adult Health Nursing (2)
  8.  Adult Health Nursing (2) Clinical
  9. Pharmacology for nursing students
  10. Critical Care Nursing
  11. Critical Care Nursing -clinical